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Meana! I have a request...
Thursday, July 21 2016 - 5:00 by Art Vandelay Reply

First off, thank you for always coming to this forum and "hanging" out amongst us. Most long hair ladies think they are above that.

And thank you for making hairjob videos! You are quickly becoming a legend in the small but exclusive hairjob fetish world.

Here is my request: Hair in Mouth. Before and during the hairjob. NOT just a few strands that you lick and then bite it a little. No no no. I'm talking full on hair in mouth. Be creative. Like make a bun near the ends of your hair and play with it with your mouth. I also like hair being held across the mouth. One more thing. I really prefer when the hair is nice and neat. So I guess keep a brush near by. I know it can get messy with all that hairjob stuff!

For years I would join Anya and Leona and request hair in mouth but they never delivered. You'd be lucky if there was a small!l amount of hair in mouth footage in a few of there videos.

Thanks Means, keep up the great work.

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