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Hair in Mouth request and small rant...
Wednesday, July 20 2016 - 17:34 by Art Vandelay Reply

I've been searching for years for a good HAIR IN MOUTH video.

Not just a little hair licking but full on big time HAIR in the mouth. Wrapping hair across the mouth while sticking her tongue through the hair.

Have a model make a bun at the end of her hair and then she can play with it in her mouth. Lick it, kiss it, suck on it.

And not just a short 2 minute video but a full length video.

Plenty of hair over face, hair over one eye, hair covering mouth, ect.

Its also important that the hair is kept somewhat neat a d combed/brushed throughout so were not just watching a model do her thing with a messy somewhat unattractive clump of hair like we see in all of these homemade hairjob clips.

I'm tired of amateur girls doing hairjobs and hair fetish clips. They don't have a clue how to do it right. I miss Anya. Means Wolf looks to be doing pretty good.

Hopefully you can make my request come true. Then.....I will FINALLY have a reason to spend my money on a good clip rather than the same old same old.

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