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Re: Re: Re: Kati Witt
Tuesday, July 12 2016 - 15:07 by Longpageboy Reply

Well, it does say "Long Hair Forum", doesnīt it?

The most commonly acccepted definition of "long hair" on women is: (wel)l past shoulder length. Shoulder length is not what can be considered "long"; shoulder length is "medium length" - thatīs what even fashion magazines and fashion sites would say, and the people there are by no means as used to or attracted to extreme lengths as visitors of our forum are.
I know that there are individual differences between what people would call "long hair" (to me, long hair is when the past-shoulder length at least equals the above-shoulder length), but PLEASE: shoulder length is not enough for a long-hair forum.
And I really wonder where you live and what you get to see. As a high-school teacher in the country, I see about 60% of the 17-year-old girls at our school with almost waist-length hair, and I see the same among university students whenever I visit the nearest university towns around my place. The long-hair beauties you can see there day by day would simply make Kati Witt turn ghreen with envy. These days I even see a tendency towards longer hair with grown-up and even middle-aged women here - and Iīm talking about rural Germany, with no particular religious community or fashion wave around that would explicitly promote long hair.
I donīt want to disturb the peace of people enjoying what they get to see on this excellent forum that provides me as a long-hair admirer with much of the soul food I still miss in real life. Iīm just a little worried that this forum is getting clogged with postings that may not be off-topic, but somewhat beside the point. I would not want this forum to lower its standards.

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