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Re: When & How?
Friday, September 13 2013 - 20:16 by tresskothick Reply

I can only remember a very childhood experience. I was 4-5 yrs old then. A day my Mom's elder sister came to our house for joining one family festival. The incident happen was, for any reason, I was naked then - maybe after my shower or my dress changing time or something like that. That lady was came to change my dresses and she was open hair. that jet black shiny silky bouncy hair make me feeling something. it was Indian traditional below waist length hair. something I feel some itching or vibrating sensation on my penis. I don't know what.

I start nagging, to climb on her soldier. she thought, it was a child nagging and accept that instantly. then I go drown into that "Black Sea". it was amazingly soft. my penis start vibrating more. and suddenly, I found there was something came out of my penis.

She pull down me and asked, if I had pee on her hair. but i say no. then she touch her hair, and found a few wet. and she was quite embarrassed. but I don't know what was that exactly.

Now, I understand that, may be it was my first orgasm in life.

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