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Re: how do i tell someone
Wednesday, March 16 2011 - 13:45 by sucker4hair Reply

Try to seem confident when you talk about, and not be overly shy and weird about it. It makes it more creepier to her I think. Also, you might whant to hold back a little on the details. Dont tell her you would love to wrap the hair around your cock when your masturbating. I dont know what you allready told her, but go easy. Start out simple and say something like: I like women with beautiful, long hair. I like the way you look with different hair styles, etc. And leave the word "fetish" out of the conversation ;)

If it backfires, try to look at it as training for becoming more confident and forthcoming in the future. If you never try, you will never figure out what works! Good luck! :)

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