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Re: Re: MonicaPostingDisappeared
Sunday, April 25 2010 - 19:13 by WasNotDirectRapidshareLink Reply

As I recall, it was a link to another site that had the rapidshare links.

The post here did NOT have the direct rapidshare links.

I can understand if Ninja wants to delete direct rapidshare links, I don't like it, but this was NOT a direct rapidshare link.

Eventually all links can probably be back traced to rapidshare at some point.

Oh well . . . .

 Entire Thread for: MonicaPostingDisappeared    by: MonicaPostingDisappeared   ( April 25 2010 - 0:49 CET)
    Re: MonicaPostingDisappeared    by: I recall   (April 25 2010 - 6:21 CET)
    Re: Re: MonicaPostingDisapp...    by: WasNotDirectRapidshareLink   (April 25 2010 - 19:13 CET)
    lots of monika at PCs [link...    by: pc   (April 25 2010 - 15:54 CET)

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